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Northern Lights Cruises

The northern lights cruises are a great adventure for the people who love outdoor expeditions. There are nautical wonders
all along the cruise to the land that is always winter. The cream of the northern lights is the “Aurora Borealis” which is a view of the polar lights during the night at the earth's arctic. The Northern lights name is derived from these polar lights and they are a renowned feature in the world. People who visit the northern lights fall in love with the environment even though it is cold.

The uniqueness of the northern light cruises is that people cruise towards the winter instead of cruising towards a place where one can sunbath. However, the trip is equally enjoyable even in absence of the sun. There are amazing features like the reindeer races that are a tourist attraction mostly in Alaska and in Norway. People can go seal hunting and skiing on the ice and there are many ice houses and hotels that show how creative the people from the arctic can get. It is always breathtaking when one sleeps in an ice hotel and the imagination is triggered to remember that the house is build of frozen water.

For people who like networking, the northern light cruises are the best activity. This is because all kinds of people go on cruise to see the amazing colors. Some people even organize their weddings in Alaska at night so that they can capture the polar lights in the background as they reminisce on their special moments of bonding. To see the polar lights well, one has to move as close as possible to the equinoxes. These lights are clearly visible in the months of March and April and September and part of October. From far, the polar lights look like a green streak of light piercing the sky with a red outline. It gives the impression of the sun rising from the wrong direction and it is easily confusing. The closer one gets, the more the lights become visible and colors like blue can be seen clearly at the northern hemisphere.

The northern lights cruises usually take six to nine days and the experience is usually exhilarating. There are many cruise ships from Norway and Alaska and therefore transport is available and affordable. The cruise ships too are vessels to behold. They have exquisite lounges with leather seats and relaxing music while the bars are fully stocked. The food on the cruise ships is prepared by professional chefs and there are special arctic dishes like seal specials.

The scenery is amazing with many snow capped Alps and there are other voyage surprises like a visit to the Sami Museum which resembles a castle and you also get to pat a reindeer and take photos with it. To complete the voyages, an attack from the polar bears once you step on the ice land will make you experience a run on the ice. The glaciers beautifully set on the ground and the icebergs en route to the peninsula are simply breathtaking.

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Northern Lights Cruises

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