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Aurora Borealis Alaska cruise

The Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights, is one of Alaska’s stunning travel attractions. Tourists gather in places in Alaska just to spectate the bright, colorful phenomenon in the sky that can only be seen near the polar regions of the world when the frequency of the phenomenon varies according to season. The lights can be seen more frequently from late autumn, all throughout winter, up to early spring. In addition, the lights are only visible during dark nights. So if you want to catch the jaw-dropping sight, you have to plan your cruise trip carefully. Fortunately, there are Aurora borealis Alaska cruise companies that will help you plan your vacation.

Aurora Borealis Alaska cruises and stories

The Aurora Borealis phenomenon is not clearly understood, in spite of the advancements in modern astronomy. Perhaps that's another thing that makes it more cryptic, ominous and enchanting. The phenomenon is named after Aurora, the goddess of dawn in the Roman mythology. In contrast, an old Eskimo folktale tells us the lights are the spirits playing catch – up in the sky – with a walrus skull. A different myth tells us the Aurora comes from the torchlight of those traveling to the afterlife. All seems scientifically farfetched, but whichever the case is, it's always good to learn some of the local legends. A good Aurora Borealis Alaska cruise company knows this, and makes effort to entertain you with the enchanting stories about it.

To a more scientific perspective though, the best plausible explanation is that Aurora Borealis is created when the sunlight is reflected from the ice and snow in the polar region. Another theory suggests that it's very much like rainbows (hence the colors) and is caused by the refraction of light. A third and more recent theory supposes that the phenomenon has to do with radiation in the North Pole. The emission of light comes from the atoms suspended in the atmosphere when they are bombarded with moving protons and electrons. The colors are determined by the type of atom. Researchers suggest that intense sunshine also has an indirect influence over the phenomenon, which makes it somewhat brighter, widespread, or more distinctive during different days.

Knowing the facts and fallacies behind the enigma known to us as the Aurora Borealis is an integral part of an Aurora Borealis Alaska cruise. A good touring company knows this too, and teaches you the scientific arguments and explanations. Even the less scientific fallacies can be an interesting point of discussion as well, while you travel and wait to see the Northern Lights.

Aurora Borealis Alaska cruise companies

If you're planning on traveling the vast, icy plains of Alaska and don't know where to start, then Aurora Borealis Alaska cruise companies are there to help you. Like most cruising lines, these companies can provide you with high-class accommodations, should you want them. If you want a rather simplistic travel, you can also arrange for that. Most reputable cruise travel service providers know how to make a trip an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

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Aurora Borealis Cruises

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