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Northern Lights holidays

The people who take the northern lights holidays experience something spectacular which they have never experienced before. The stunning and
spectacular northern lights have made this part of the Arctic Ocean a favorite tourist destination as people want to witness this magical wonder of the aurora Borealis. There are many tour companies in Norway who give excellent service to their clients so as to ensure that they enjoy their holidays. These could be the individual holidays or short breaks or just a cruise, and then your holiday is guaranteed to be lovely.

There are many activities that one can undertake when they are on holiday at the Northern lights. These include such adventurous activities as dog sledding, snow shooing as well as cross country skiing. This is done under guidance from the tour operators. Ice fishing as well as an overnight stay at an Ice hotel will make your holiday truly memorable. The Northern lights safari begins and ends with an overnight stay at Oslo. It takes about five days where one gets to spend three nights in Tromso, an Arctic town. There are evening trips where one also gets to take delicious dinners and also engage in such fun activities as dog sledging.

The Northern lights Adventure cruise takes seven nights with four of these on board. The holiday begins with the holiday makers taking a scenic train ride. The adventurous four
nights are taken along the Arctic Coast and then on to Kirkenes. There is also an exotic excursion on the North Cape excursion. The Northern lights Voyage is another holiday package which one can undertake. It’s a very lovely journey which is along the coastline beginning from Bergen and ending at Tromso. There are several stops along the coastline as well. During this voyage, one gets to witness the contrast between the various cities of Norway. For example Trondheim has wooden buildings which are greatly contrasted with the modern buildings which exist in other cities like Tromso. You also get to view the artistic city of Alesund cross the Arctic Circle which is an event to die for.

A holiday to Greenland gives one the opportunity to see icebergs which are best seen in the Greenlandic iceberg zone. Here one gets to see the big icebergs which are being produced by the northern hemisphere’s greatest glacier producer. Here the holiday makers can make excursions to further explore this beautiful scenic attraction. This is a wilderness adventure which takes about three or four nights in the Jukkasjarvi forests. There are rustic lodges where one can sleep at as well as ice hotels which are quite adventurous. Here one gets to engage in such activities as sledging on the snow especially with a team of dogs. One is not just driven but they drive themselves and it is quite an adventurous trip. Since there are many holiday packages available at the Northern lights, it is always advisable to contact your tours operator who will guide on the various holidays available as well as the charges for each holiday.

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Northern Lights holidays

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