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Alaska Northern Lights Cruise

Prepare to be amazed with the most exceptional and amazing views Alaska has to offer with Alaska Northern Lights cruise.

With an Alaska Northern Lights cruise, a miraculous sight of the green, red and blue lights is a certainly memorable experience. You will also meet so many nature lovers on board – photographers, honeymooners, and experienced travelers who have witnessed it all.

Aside from the Northern Lights, an Alaskan northern lights cruise also provides a glimpse of the unusually seen wildlife such as whales, seals, penguins, reindeer and polar bears. The changing seasons will make you see wildflowers during springtime as well as colored leaves during fall. You can also view stunning glaciers lying on the freezing arctic waters.

The Easiest Way to Go to Alaska

The cheapest and the simplest way to get to Alaska is by an airplane going to Anchorage which is Alaska’s biggest city and its major transportation hub for both foreign and domestic travelers.

There are also travelers who go to Fairbanks which serves as their point of entry and departure for their Alaska expedition. Some travelers go to Juneau, Alaska’s capitol and the main town where many tourists start their tours.

Weather in Alaska

Alaska’s weather can greatly vary. You can experience mild to warm temperatures during summer in south central Alaska. Fairbanks is a little hotter and drier during summertime compared to Anchorage. Southeast Alaska and Juneau have wet and rainy weather.

What You Need to Pack for your Alaska Northern Lights Cruise

You have to bring casual and layered clothing with you before going to your Alaska northern lights cruise. Temperatures in this state can widely vary every year and even every day. The best thing to do is to prepare layered clothing together with your rain gear. Though Alaska’s few summers in the past have been really humid with some rain, its people always get ready for every type of weather, and cruises don’t allow just a little rain to stop travelers from taking pleasure in the Great land. There’s always a good chance that if it is raining when you leave on your trip, it will be sunny before your tour ends.

The Best Time to View Northern Lights in Alaska

The northern lights aren’t usually visible in Alaska’s summer months because of the extraordinary amount of sunlight. Winter time is the best season to view the northern lights in Alaska.

The Best Spot to View the Northern Lights in Alaska

The northern lights can be best viewed during the winter from far north areas like Fairbanks. However, you can also view the northern lights from Anchorage, southeast Alaska, the Matanuska Valley as well as the Kenai Peninsula.

Things You Must Consider

An Alaska northern lights cruise is an excellent way to plan a very affordable tour to Alaska because of its all-inclusive nature which makes it much more reasonable to budget for accommodation and food. There are also many cruise ships that are starting to provide accommodations onshore for a couple of nights in order to have better opportunities to view the Northern Lights with local tour providers. So experience an Alaska northern lights cruise now and you’ll surely not regret it.

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Alaska Northern Lights Cruise

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