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Cruise Aurora Borealis

You may have heard of the Aurora Borealis, but not have been sure exactly what it is or where to go to see it. The Aurora Borealis is also known as the Northern Lights and not only are you treated to a magical light show; it is an experience that is essentially unforgettable. Cruise Aurora Borealis is a fantastic way to enjoy the lights in total comfort and luxury

Why getting it right is essential

People come from all over the world to see the Aurora Borealis and for this reason, the organizers of a cruise Aurora Borealis need to make sure the timings and positioning of the cruise ship are exactly right to avoid disappointment of their passengers. The Aurora Borealis can only be enjoyed on nights when the night sky is completely black, so an Aurora Borealis Cruise in midsummer will be likely to result in disappointment.

How did the Aurora Borealis get its name?

If you were to ask an Eskimo what the phenonomen in the sky is, you would most likely get the reply “the goddess of dawn”, in the Eskimo language; this is pronounced Aurora Borealis. Eskimos believe that the Aurora Borealis has great powers and they also share a belief with a number of other people that the Aurora Borealis is generated by the torches of people traveling from Earth into the afterlife.

From a scientific point of view, there are arguments that say the Aurora Borealis is caused by the refraction of sunlight from the Arctic snow with an effect very similar to that of a rainbow. However, the more credible explanation is that the Aurora Borealis is caused by radiation coming from atoms in the upper atmosphere that generate different colors depending on what type of atoms they are.

Why cruise Aurora Borealis?

This is a unique opportunity to experience the wonder of the Aurora Borealis first hand and marvel at the strange dance of the colored ribbons of light. The patterns weave and interchange in almost a choreographed way. It is important to have a guide who is able to tell you what is happening and why the Aurora Borealis is formed in the way that it is. Moving around is important to get the best chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Make sure you have a good quality camera with you to take pictures of the amazing light show as it happens.

Themed cruises

Themed cruises are particularly popular and one of the most popular is winter sports and photography. You can expect a photo guide to teach you tips and techniques that you can use to get the best shots when the Aurora Borealis is on show. In addition, a popular activity is dog sled riding. This is a fantastic activity to get to see the scenery in the way that the Eskimos do, moving fast across the gleaming snow. As you enjoy these outdoor sports, it is important to have the right clothing for winter weather and also protect any exposed skin with UV sun block.

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Cruise Aurora Borealis

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