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How much does a Northern Lights Cruise Cost

How much does a northern lights cruise cost? This may be the first question that comes in your mind if you are interested to witness this fantastic natural phenomenon while experiencing the luxury that a cruise offers. The following are the important things you should know with regards to the cost of the northern lights cruise.

The Cost of a Northern Lights Cruise

The cost of a northern lights cruise depends on several factors which include:
  • The months of the year you decide to take your northern lights cruise
  • How long you would like to have your vacation
  • What country you'd want to go for your northern lights cruise
  • Which ship or cruise line you choose
  • The type of accommodation
  • The number of individuals who will share your cabin
  • The inclusion packages aside from the cruise fare
  • Your trip's purpose
  • The number of cabins you book
  • The special offers available
  • How fast you're able to pay for the booking
  • Your age as well as your children's
  • Where you'll be flying from or where you reside
  • Which travel agency you decide to book with
As you can see, there's no straightforward answer to how much a northern lights cruise costs. There are so many considerations to take into account.

It's Surely Economical

However, rest assured that you don't need to be a millionaire just to enjoy a marvelous holiday at sea! A lot of people do not realize how inexpensive a northern lights cruise can be. Northern lights cruise start at as low as $100 per head per day which would not pay for one night at many land hotels or resorts. When you think that all your meals and entertainment are included, it becomes a great deal. A northern lights cruise for a week typically ranges from $600 up to thousands.

Be sure you are aware what your northern lights cruise includes. Inquire about their policies on tipping. Excluding the first-class cruise ships wherein tipping isn't allowed or included, many ships suggest per diem tips per individual, usually adding $9 - $12 a day per head; a latest trend is for heads of ship department to collect tips and equally distribute them among the staff. Also, there are cruises that keep with the cash-less system, wherein tipping is done in person on the cruise's last day and not all along.

Northern lights cruise offer excursions in port cities. You may go to a cruise lecture and know the different places you will visit and decide what you want to do at every stop. The excursions cost is increasing; cruise ships say they do not have control over it because they need to work with the local merchandisers who set their rates. You may not have to pay for an excursion and do it by yourself. Ask the excursions staff regarding ground transportation for travelers not going on a group tour.

Now you don't need to ask, "How much does a northern lights cruise cost?" because you already know that compared to the cost of a land-based vacation, a northern lights cruise cost is truly economical.

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How much does a Northern Lights Cruise Cost

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