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Aurora Borealis Cruises

It is a good idea to do some research and prepare yourself before heading off to enjoy Aurora Borealis Cruises. The Aurora Borealis cannot be guaranteed to show up every day and if there are overcast conditions, it will clearly not be possible to see anything. However, your cruise ship (by keeping in contact with the Aurora Borealis research stations) will be able to get updates on the most likely chance of sighting the Aurora Borealis and can notify passengers accordingly.

You can expect to be traveling with other travelers from the United States, as well as from other countries around the world. When on your vacation, you should expect to have a group tour manager available to assist you and inform you of what is planned and what the options are. Taking excursions you can normally go as a group to share transport. However, if you would prefer to do things by yourself, this will not be a problem as well.

Choosing your ship for Aurora Borealis cruises

Thanks to the internet, it is possible to view the different cruise ships and check out their details. You will be able to check out the details of the various cabins they have on offer, as well as viewing the public amenities such as restaurants, gyms, theaters and shopping malls. Many cruise companies also are able to offer you multi-media displays that allow you to practically feel you are already on board. You can then select the cruise ship that you like the best that has cruise dates that match those of your vacation and make a reservation.

Cruise ship cabins

It would be expected that you should not spend much time in your cabin other than for sleeping and getting freshened up, as there is so much to do on board the ship. Most passengers will spend their time on deck or in the observation lounges. In addition, it is possible to select cabins with balconies or bay windows or even upgrade to a suite. You can find the prices for these options as you are preparing your booking.


Most Aurora Borealis cruises will offer times when excursions are possible. A list of excursions will be printed and displayed. You can actually book the excursions you are interested in, in advance, though you may prefer to wait until you are on board before deciding. Snowmobile excursions normally have space for to people in addition to the driver and the guide; it is possible to hire a snowmobile yourself for an extra fee.

Meals on board

You can decide on the meal plan that you would like during your cruise, these normally are either just the breakfast or breakfast and dinner. Also, it is possible to select from full catering including lunch as well. If you have special dietary requirements, make these known in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made. If there are likely to be any problems for the cruise ship to cater for your needs, it is important to be made aware before traveling to avoid problems.

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Aurora Borealis Cruises

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