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Cruise to Northern Lights

Top 5 Tips to Enjoy Your Cruise to Northern Lights

If you want to make the most out of your cruise to northern lights, reading these steps is a must:

1. Choose your dream boat carefully.

One of the biggest mistakes that first timers make is not booking the right ship. Many people tend to focus more on their destination and don't take notice of the cruise ship itself. Cruise lines vary greatly when it comes to facilities and ambiance. Some cruise ships have a party atmosphere and/or a great spa and gym; others are ideal if you want to curl up on deck to read a good book. So go to a travel agency specializing in northern lights cruise. Talk about your budget and the particular things you're looking for in a cruise ship, or you may also go to the agency with your wish list on hand.

2. Book ahead of time.

You can get the best deals on a cruise to northern lights either by booking early or by booking at the last minute. These two ways can make you save money, although early bookers always get the best cabins for almost the same price as late bookers. Booking early typically means 3 to 6 months prior to the cruise to northern lights; you can usually save 25% to 50% off the brochure price per head.

3. Get the finest cabin that you can afford.

You may think that the kind of cabin you get does not really matter since you will only sleep and dress there. This is not true. You should not assume anything because queen-size beds, double beds or bathtubs aren't givens on a cruise ship. Though some cabins have extra-large beds, single beds are pushed together in other cabins. Majority of cabins have small showers and not bathtubs. Thus, if you want to soak, look for a cabin with a bath tub. The ultimate extravagance is a private veranda so you may have a great view of the vastness of the ocean while you are resting inside your cabin.

4. Pack light.

Get prepared if in case your luggage will be misplaced. And even if your luggage is not lost, it usually takes hours before it reaches your cabin. So bring a bit of everything you need in a hand carry bag including your undies, socks, shirts, and attire to wear for dinner. As additional security, purchase travel insurance that will cover you for stolen, lost, delayed or damaged luggage.

5. Avail the royal treatment.

Inquire with your travel agent regarding cruise to northern lights that pamper its travelers with in-room extras such as fruit baskets, terry cloth robes, etc.

Indeed, cruising the northern lights is the best way to experience seeing this fantastic lights display. The main advantage of getting on board a cruise ship to northern lights is that it will be much easier to visit a lot of places in just one vacation without packing your belongings and sitting in a car, bus, train or plane to visit each place. So be sure to use these tips when you decide to cruise to northern lights.

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Cruise to Northern Lights

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