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Northern Lights Vacations

One of the best ways to spend a worthwhile holiday is to experience a Northern Light vacation. The following are the best places that you can go to in order to have the best view of the Northern Lights.


Tromso is one of the top European destinations to view the Northern Lights. It is very accessible from anyplace in Europe.


Another major destination to view the northern lights is Iceland. Also, there are many activities to do in this country. With a lot of distinct natural attributes to the island like the Blue Lagoon which is a lake thatís volcanically heated, the active volcanoes and the glaciers, there are so many things that you can enjoy doing.


This is a spectacular country thatís worth visiting any time of the year, however, for those who want to view the northern lights, then youíll have to reach as far-off north as possible.


Sweden is an appealing Scandinavian nation where it is possible to view the northern lights once you visit at the appropriate time of the year. Swedenís most northern metropolis with an airport is Kiruna. Itís also easy to travel via Stockholm.


For travelers who come from Asia or Asia, the destination thatís easiest to travel to is Murmansk to view the northern lights. If you are in Europe, the best locations to view the northern lights are Iceland, Northern Norway, Northern Sweden and Northern Finland. Once you've decided where you will go, there are more choices available for you to see the northern lights. If youíre near water, you may want to cruise to see the northern lights. If youíre inland or don't want to take a cruise, there are a lot of available northern lights tours in each viewing city. If youíre in the snow, you can also take snowmobiles as well as dog sledding trips away from the city. Other ways include bus tours and hiking.

Tips and Hints for Northern Lights Vacations

Northern lights show varying displays from greening streaks on the sky to dancing, multi-colored drapes of light that fan across the horizon. Even in perfect conditions, you still canít guarantee seeing an exhibit of the northern lights. However, the most spectacular northern light show typically takes place between November and February which are the darkest months. They can also be seen on the latter part of August, as well as late April.

The further you get to the north and the further you travel away from the city lights, the greater your odds of viewing a good sight. The moon phase can also have an impact on the other lights in the heavens, so itís more preferable to schedule your Northern lights vacations to correspond with the new moon.

Taking Photographs

To take the best pictures of the northern lights, use exposure time of between ten to twenty seconds, meaning you certainly have to bring your tripod with you. Digital cameras that have wide angle lenses can also capture the best shots for you. Donít deprive yourself of the best things in life. Take Northern Lights vacations and experience adventure at its finest.

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Northern Lights Vacations

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