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Northern Lights Cruise

If you want to have the best view of the magical Northern Lights and its variety of magnificent colors dancing in the night sky, then try a Northern Lights cruise.

Experiencing a Northern Lights cruise is a grand adventure for people who adore outdoor trips. The distinctiveness of the Northern Lights cruise is that travelers cruise heading for the winter rather than cruising towards somewhere where one can sunbath. On the other hand, the journey is similarly pleasurable even without the sun.

Many people go on Northern Lights cruise to see the remarkable colors of this amazing scenery. There are even people who plan to get married in Alaska at night to capture the splendor of the Northern Lights in the backdrop as they recall the once in a lifetime event of their lives.

Why You Need to Take a Cruise

In order to have a clear view of the polar lights, you need to go as near as possible to the equinoxes. With a Northern Lights cruise, you always have an option to move further north so that you may get a better peek of what this fascinating phenomenon appears like. Remember that the farther north the cruise liner will take you, the better will be the view.

Northern Lights are truly visible during the months of March, April, September and some parts of October. From afar, the Northern Lights seem like a green stripe of light in the sky blended with a red streak. It offers the surreal impression that the sun rises in the wrong direction. At the northern hemisphere, colors like blue can also be clearly seen.

The Cruise Ships

Usually, a Northern Lights cruise takes 6 to 9 days and the experience is undoubtedly invigorating. There are a lot of cruise ships from Alaska and Norway and thus, transport is always affordable and available.

The cruise ships are liners worth checking out as well. They offer fabulous lounges with matching leather seats as well as relaxing music for a more comforting stay. The bars are also completely stocked and you can indulge on the amazing food prepared by expert chefs offering special arctic dishes.

The Scenery

The scenery is astonishing with countless snow capped Alps, glaciers marvelously set on the ground and icebergs on the way to the peninsula which will simply take your breath away.

Many people deem a Northern Lights cruise as a face to face encounter with one of the greatest phenomenon nature has to offer. Northern Lights cruise must be an indispensable part of anyone’s holiday because you also have to move around so you may appreciate this natural spectacle. With such a kind of cruise, you need to be with the best guides who can show you the best spots as well as the best time to be in a certain area to view them.

Indeed, one of the best ways to see the Northern Lights is to take a Northern Lights cruise and must be at the top of your list when you book for a holiday.

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Northern Lights Cruise

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