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Aurora Borealis cruise Alaska

The Alaska cruise season runs from May through to September and Alaska is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world. Many of Alaska’s most spectacular sights can only be seen from the sea. A number of towns and villages are only reachable by sea and do not have road connections. If your intention is to take an Aurora Borealis cruise Alaska, avoid August as you will need to be up late to see the spectacular Aurora Borealis light show, as the sky will be light until approximately 11:00pm. The Aurora Borealis requires a pitch black night to be seen; August often brings clouds so even if it is dark, you may not be able to see anything.

The best months to see the Aurora Borealis

January, February and March are the best months to view the Aurora Borealis, however the cruising season dos not commence until May, so therefore you will have to make your own arrangements. For the best viewing of the northern lights, plan to book a cruise in May or late September. It is a good idea to look for a cruise that allows you some time to spend exploring Alaska on the ground. You can arrange to rent a motor home to give you the options to travel where you want when you want. Chena Hot Springs is an excellent choice to head for in order to spend a few days relaxing. Make sure you get out of town on a dark night when the Aurora Borealis is expected to give its spectacular show. Fairbanks too is a great location to view the Aurora Borealis, as always; head out of town so there is no illumination to spoil the show.

Getting the forecast

There are two forecasts you will want to have on hand; one is the daily weather forecast, you can find this for your location where the cruise ship located in the public areas on the ship and the other important forecast is whether the Aurora Borealis is likely to be displaying its magic. Again, the cruise ship will help you to get there. If you are traveling on land for example in Anchorage, you can normally get an accurate forecast from the local papers. Despite the poorer weather in August, it may still be possible to see the Aurora Borealis; however the spectacular show will be a pale shade of the immense show in the winter months.

Alaska cruise ships

Some of the finest cuisse ships head to Alaska for the spring and summer cruising season. You should take note that an Alaskan cruise will cost you more than a cruise in the Caribbean and flying to Alaska to connect with your cruise ship is an additional expense. Some people prefer to rendezvous with their cruise ship in Seattle as the airfares to get there are cheaper, however if you do this, it will take longer to get to Alaska. Cruise ships come with private balconies or verandahs. You might want to consider paying more for this option, but honestly, the 360 degree view from the top deck gives you the best way to see all the marvels that Alaska will offer you.

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Aurora Borealis cruise Alaska

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