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Northern Lights Cruises Special Offers

How to Find the Best Deals for Your Northern Lights Cruise

When booking a northern lights cruise vacation, there are many Northern Lights cruises special offers that you can find. Here are a few important tips to find northern lights cruises special offers:

Find Cruise Discounts

Research online. On every website of cruise lines, find the section "Special Offers." This features promotions and deals during the whole year.

Book Independently

Booking airfares, hotels, as well as shore excursions that are separate from the northern lights cruise package is also a way of lowering overall costs.

Last Minute Northern Lights Cruise Promos

Cruise ships offer special discounts when you book at the last minute which can save you a great deal of money

Cheapest Seasons to Cruise

There are several months or seasons where you can find affordable cruise deals. Remember that peak seasons of the northern lights cruise are during the winter months because the northern lights are most visible during those periods.

Repositioning Cruises

These are cruises that begin in one region and end in another region. Instead of sailing the cruise ships without passengers, they discount cruise fares to make them appealing to passengers who favor cruises that are port-intensive.

Children Sail for Free

Some northern lights cruise lines provide a children-sail-for-free promotion. For instance, a cruise line may offer a promo that kids under age 17 can sail free-of-charge on selected cruises. There are even cruises that offer promo that children can sail without a fee all year round.

Onboard Credits

They are also known as shipboard credits. The onboard credits are provided to a passenger to be applied to his or her shipboard account on their northern lights cruise. For instance, a northern lights cruise may offer an onboard credit of up to $2,000 for every passenger in addition to prepaid gratuities on selected cruises for a particular year.

Free Upgrades

At present, there are northern lights cruises that offer a promotion wherein if travelers book ahead of time, they can save up to $1,000 besides a free balcony upgrade.

Incentives for Early Bookings

There are northern lights cruise that offer promotions wherein if passengers book their cruise 3 to 5 months ahead of time, they can receive special discounts. A lot of these work out to be under $70 a day per head.

Price Cuts for Repeat Passengers

Many northern lights cruises offer a passenger loyalty program which becomes valid when a passenger has cruised once with the cruise company. As you increase the cruises you take, the benefits also increase, which may include sharp cruise discounts.

When you book a northern lights cruise, you must know all associated costs when you compare one cruise ship over another. Additional costs like fees, taxes, gratuities, port charges, fuel surcharges and shore excursions can all escalate the total price of a northern lights cruise. On the other hand, you don't need to worry about it because there are a lot of Northern Lights cruises special offers that you can find which can truly make your vacation a worthwhile experience.

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Northern Lights Cruises Special Offers

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