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Arctic cruises Northern Lights

Northern Lights are one of the most spectacular phenomena caused by fluctuations of the Sunís processes that can be viewed on Earth. People all over the world travel to the designated viewing locations via Arctic cruises Northern Lights programs every year in hope of catching a glimpse of this light manifestation. Contrary to popular belief, the best place to view the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is not the geographical North Pole of the planet, but the magnetic North Pole. However, due to the cosmic events, the location of the magnetic poles shifts every year by almost ten miles. Hence, the current location of the poles is twenty degrees in latitude from their geographical counterparts.

The scientific basis of the phenomenon

The ability to view the Northern Lights during Arctic cruises Northern Lights is not directly related to the meteorological conditions on Earth, at least not in such a manner that a clouded sky would impede visibility. The rays emitted by the Sun are deformed by the magnetic field at the Earthís poles, thus shaping the light as spirals and other similar shapes. More exactly, the Sun discharges particles during its peak activity that interact with the Earthís atmosphere at an atomic level, creating the beautiful Aurora Borealis effects.

The best time to see the Northern Lights

According to statistics, the intensity of the Northern Lights reaches maximum levels in March, April, September and October. While the clear reason for this tendency has not been elucidated, it seems that the Aurora Borealis follows this pattern incessantly. Therefore, if you are looking to schedule Arctic cruises Northern Lights in order to see them, then this is the best time of the year for it. Moreover, it would seem that the intensity of the Aurora Borealis varies quite a bit from over the years, and the next peak will be in 2013. Therefore, if you are an enthusiast of this type of phenomena, then you simply cannot pass up this golden opportunity.

Arctic cruise programs that allow you to see the Northern Lights

There are several offers for cruises in Iceland and nearby arctic regions that specialize in giving the tourists the best view of the Northern Lights. Furthermore, you can choose cruise programs that include a specialized guide who can tell you all you want to know about the aurora borealis phenomenon. Cruises can last as long as 14 days, embarking in Reykjavik, Iceland and touring the entire arctic region, in order to observe the Northern Lights from different angles. Moreover, you can get important discounts for family trips or large student groups when enlisting in Arctic cruises Northern Lights programs.

Reasons to see the Northern Lights at least once in your life

You might have seen pictures of the Aurora Borealis. However, anyone that has visited this natural wonder can tell you that these images, as well as any description are powerless when it comes to relating the astounding beauty of the Northern Lights. There is no similar phenomenon on earth that you can compare them to, not even the greatest sunset you have seen. Therefore, if you are unsure about your next vacation destination, you should consider the Arctic cruises Northern Lights as one of your options.

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Arctic cruises Northern Lights

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