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Northern Lights Cruises Norway

If ever you get the opportunity, seize a chance to go for Northern Lights cruises Norway, your money will be considered well spent. There are a number of excellent short breaks. Longer cruises and winter voyages with themes are available taking in the Norwegian coastline and even going as far as the Arctic Circle. The Aurora Borealis has been causing mankind to be filled with wonder ever since the first human set foot in northerly latitudes. Anyone who has witnessed this amazing spectacle cannot fail to be entranced and mesmerized at this unique phenonomen.

Options for Northern Lights cruises Norway

From Norway, there are daily departures of cruise liners that will take you along the Norwegian coast. On dark nights, you can gaze in awe from the top deck at the amazing light show that will unfold before your eyes. Your cruise ship will then take you as far as the Arctic Circle where the reflection of the Northern Lights off the ice is an awesome experience that everyone should hope to have the opportunity to enjoy, at least once in their life.

Mixing and matching

Not only can you enjoy all of the many activities and fine cuisine of your cruise ship, there are also a number of other activities that you can combine to make your cruise unforgettable. Some of the most popular ones include taking a dog sled ride across the frozen landscape, skiing and even enjoying a midnight concert in Tromso’s historic Arctic cathedral.

Winter weather conditions

In the winter, the temperatures in northern Norway are normally consistently below freezing and combined with a wind chill factor can feel as cold as -20c. The good news is that the hotels and the Norwegian cruise ships are nicely heated. It is recommended that you have a hardy outdoor jacket with you as you move around the ship for when you decide that you should nip outside. From the middle of November to the end of January, the Sun does not make it above the horizon at any point above the Arctic Circle; however this does not mean that the land is permanently pitch black. You will be able to enjoy the magical combination of arctic twilight reflecting off the snow and the beautiful mysterious mountain scenery that many people comment on as being one of the highlights of the cruise.

Northern Lights might be elusive!

One of the aspects of the Northern Lights that make them so magical is that they will show when they are ready and not before. If there is cloud cover, obviously they cannot be seen. However with clear skies, their appearance is governed by the amount of solar activity that is going on. Good Norwegian Northern Lights cruises take place when the chance of the Northern Lights being visible is at its highest. As the region around Tromso experiences a lot of Northern Light activity, Tromso has become a major research center of this phenonomen. Passengers on Cruise ships can be alerted 24 hours a day when the Northern Lights are likely to put on their stunning show.

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Northern Lights Cruises Norway

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