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Northern Lights Cruises from Southampton

The Northern Lights are best seen off the coast of Norway. The further north into the Arctic Circle you go, the better the chances are that you will see the Northern Lights. It is quite straightforward to find Northern Lights cruises from Southampton that go to various destinations. One of the most popular routings is from Southampton to Norway via Copenhagen.

Going from Norway?

Having reached the beautiful Norwegian coast, depending on the amount of time you have available, you can decide whether you have time to cruise on to Southern Greenland. The best time to go for these cruises to see the Northern Lights is from November to March. You are also able to plan a cruise from Southampton to Alaska, the northern regions of Canada or even across the Siberian coast. It only depends on the amount of time you have in order to enjoy great fun and adventure.

Why Norway?

Northern Norway is a particularly attractive destination in the winter months to aim for in order to enjoy the Northern Lights and is easy to reach from Southampton. One of the facts that could surprise you is that Northern Norway remains practically snow free during the winter season, so your chances of being able to marvel at the Northern Light are extremely high. Furthermore, if you have only three days to spend on the cruise, this will be enough for you to take in Norwegian sights as well as the Northern Lights. A smart top quality cruise vessel will speed you to Tromso which is 200 miles above the Arctic Circle and you will pass by the impressive Vesteralen and Lofoten islands on your way.

Faster options

In order to get the maximum sailing time and enjoy visiting Norwegian sites of interest, you can decide to fly to Tromso to join your cruise ship. Leaving Tromso, the next destination on your itinerary will be the mediaeval city of Trondheim; in this case you will spend half the time sleeping in your cabin and half the time sleeping on land. The flights can be quite expensive so you should check in advance if your budget can stretch to cover both the flight and the cruise.

The ideal time needed to see the Aurora Borealis

On a 3-day cruise, you should be able to see the Aurora Borealis. However if you can give yourself 5 days, a showing is practically certain. Moving on from Trondheim to Kirkenes, the return journey to Tromso is spectacular. Itís always good advice to travel with someone, perhaps a tourist guide who is familiar with the Norwegian coastline and is used to cruises in this area. The guide will be able to explain a number of things that you will see on route, in particular they will be able to point out the star constellations you will see and of course explain the reasons for the Northern Lights. You will then be able to gaze in awe at the green, red and yellow lights that will illuminate the surroundings of the cruise ship.

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Northern Lights Cruises from Southampton

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