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Cruises to see Northern Lights

Have you planned your next vacation destination yet? Then why not consider one of the cruises to see the Northern Lights available at many the travel agencies around the world? While it is true that you will need a bit of planning in advance, as Norway and Iceland do not have the easiest climates to adapt to, the sight of the Aurora Borealis is unique. The show provided by the Sunís particles crashing into the atoms of the Earthís atmosphere is enchanting. You can safely assume that you will not witness anything like it anywhere else. Moreover, no Aurora Borealis is like the other, thus you will never get bored of it, no matter how many times you watch it.

History of the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights have been observed since ancient times by many civilizations and they have given birth to a great number of legends. It would seem that the oldest historical mention of the lights has been made by the Babylonian astronomers nearly two thousand five hundred years ago. However, the first more detailed discovery is accredited to Gregory de Tours, who lived approximately one thousand six hundred years ago. His description associates the Aurora Borealis with a dawn in midday.

Later on, Galileo and Gassendi have also researched the phenomenon, as they have witnessed a more spectacular show of the Northern Lights in 1621. One of the speculations closest to the truth regarding the source of the phenomenon was made by Kristian Birkeland in 1896. The most significant manifestation of this phenomenon closer to our period has occurred in 1895, 1958 and 1989.

Choosing the right cruises to see Northern Lights

There are several destinations where you can start the cruises to see Northern Lights. While the most popular location for this purpose is without a doubt Iceland, you can contract tours from Norway, Alaska and many other countries. Furthermore, you have the option of choosing an individual trip, a group trip or even a student study trip. The duration of the cruises varies between three and twelve days. If you would like to visit the other important locations and see the beauty of the arctic and sub-arctic regions, you should opt for a twelve-day complete tour. However, if are only interested in the beauty of the Northern lights, then the two-day cruises to see this phenomenon should be enough. Moreover, these trips do not come cheap, thus you need to settle your budget months prior the trip and make reservations.

Accommodating to the climate

If this is your first trip to the arctic and sub-arctic regions, then you need to make sure you pack the right equipment. The cruises to see Northern Lights may be fun, but you do not want to spend your entire trip in bed due to fever and other cold related symptoms. Therefore, you will need to consider visiting your local equipment store and see whether you can purchase the appropriate clothing for the climate. Alternatively, you can simply purchase the clothes and equipment from specialized online stores.

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Cruises to see Northern Lights

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