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Norway Cruises Northern Lights

If you are looking for the best spot to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis, then you should check out the Norway cruises Northern Lights programs that enable you to see this marvelous phenomenon. The Northern Lights are one of the mysteries that have fascinated people for many years, as their true nature was not discovered until the late 1800. Moreover, the first time when the distance at which they occur has been estimated correctly was in 1920.

These lights, also known as Aurora Borealis have a counterpart phenomenon occurring at the south magnetic pole, named Southern Lights or Aurora Australis. These lights seem to occur roughly simultaneous, reaching their peak point during the same months. While the coincidence seems astounding at first glance, the truth is that knowing the nature of the Northern and Southern Lights, we could not have it any other way.

Quick explanations of the Northern Lights

The Sun and its flare activity are responsible for the aurora borealis, as you will find out during any Norway cruises Northern Lights. The maximum intensity of the Sunís flare is achieved during four months every year, in September, October, March and April. However, while the most impressive Northern Lights so far were seen in 2006, astronomers predict that their intensity will surpass that in 2013. At critical points, such as 1909, the Aurora Borealis could have been seen from all regions of the globe, but events of that magnitude are highly unlikely to occur anytime soon, the specialists say. The interactions between the Sunís particles and the Earthís atmosphere are hard to predict, thus making the Northern Lights a unique and extraordinary spectacle every single time.

Available Norway cruises Northern Lights

The most famous tour enabling you to see the Northern Lights from Norway takes six nights and starts in Oslo. After arriving in the city, you will check in at the Bristol Hotel, one of the best locations in the region. The next morning you will catch a train to Trondheim over the Dovrefjell Mountain Plateau and through the National Park. Trondheim is the port where you will embark on the 2-day Norway cruises Northern Lights to Tromso.

During these two days, you will witness the marvels of the Northern Lights. While it may feel like they are occurring up-close, the truth is they are located between ninety and one hundred thirty kilometers in the atmosphere. However, this distance allows a lot of flexibility in choosing your viewing location. On the fifth day, your cruise will come to an end, thus you will debark in Tromso, where you will take a dog-sled ride back to Oslo. The route of the dog sled ride also enables you to view the Northern Lights.

Booking your Norway cruises Northern Lights in advance

If you want to make the most of your Norway cruises Northern Lights, then you should consider taking the trip during the months when the phenomenon reaches full intensity. However, keep in mind that other enthusiasts are also aware of this, so you will most likely have a hard time buying tickets. Therefore, the trick is to book your trip quite a bit in advance. Besides, you will most likely receive significant discounts for your early bird plans!

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Norway Cruises Northern Lights

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