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Northern Lights Cruises from England

If you thought that the only way to see the Aurora Borealis is to take a trip to Norway, then you should know that you can also embark on Northern Lights cruises from England. While it is true that the view provided by regions in Norway, Iceland and Canada is slightly better, traveling to these countries in the periods of the Aurora Borealisí maximum intensity may not always be an option. Therefore, if you did not book tickets in time, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find a cruise.

However, do not despair, as the view quality of the Northern Lights cruises from England during September, October, March and April is just as good. Furthermore, some cruises from England will take you to the popular destination of the Arctic Circle such as Trondheim or Tromso. These destinations are included in the famous Oslo Northern Lights tour. Moreover, you will be able to visit the most popular objectives in the area such as Saint Olavís Cathedral.

The birth of the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights occur all year long due to the charged particles emitted by the Sun hitting the Earthís upper atmosphere. Due to the rotation and the magnetism, this collision creates the wonderful effects of the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis. These phenomena are not dangerous, as the interaction occurs at approximately one hundred thirty kilometers above the Earthís surface. Moreover, due to the distance, they can sometimes be seen from even some far regions of the globe. However, the interactions are rarely as powerful as to be seen from other regions than the North and South magnetic poles. Therefore, in order to ensure that you witness this event within a decent view range, you should consider embarking on one of the Northern Lights cruises from England.

Taking photographs on the Northern Lights cruises from England

Taking high quality photos of the Northern Lights can be quite tricky, especially if you are not a professional photographer. However, as a rule of thumb, you will need to set the ISO of the camera up to 400 (no more than that), the aperture between two point four and four and the noise reduction to the maximum capacity. If you are not getting enough light in your photos, then you can simply increase the speed of the shutter. Be sure that you reserve a good place to settle your tripod on the shipís decks. During the Northern Lights cruises from England, the bridge and deck tend to become quite crowded, especially during the night as people want to get a good look at the Aurora Borealis.

Go on Northern Lights cruises from England today!

The cruise ships are ideal places to take photos of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon. While you will need the photographic equipment to be of a higher quality, the pictures of the Northern Lights can be astounding. However, the truth is that witnessing the event first hand cannot compare with the photo and you will be able to testify to that once you have actually seen the Aurora Borealis with your own eyes.

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Northern Lights Cruises from England

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