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Cruises to the Northern Lights

If you are in need of an eerie yet beautiful adventure, then cruises to the northern lights might just be what you're looking for. The Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis, are jaw-dropping phenomena that occur only in the polar regions of the world. To the south, it's called the Aurora Australis, but that's beside the point. The point is you need an adventure, and located somewhere in the vast icy seas of Alaska is a good place to indulge it.

Why do they call it the Aurora Borealis?

There are many local legends and stories related to Aurora Borealis. On a more scientific standpoint, there are various theories as well. The scientific explanations are no less contradicting than local legends, though. To start with, the phenomenon is named after the Greek goddess of dawn, Aurora. Note that this phenomenon, while it can be seen in Alaska, is far-reaching. The Auroras circle the sky above the polar caps and can be seen in northern parts of Europe, such as Norway; northern parts of Canada; and the northern tips of Russia like Murmansk. The Aurora Borealis is said to have great importance in both religious and fictitious beliefs in medieval Europe. Some of the most prevalent legends were from the Greek mythology and Norse mythology.

In Alaska, a favorite legend of the Eskimo people tells us that the northern lights are the lights cast by the spirits. Apparently, the spirits, up in the pitch black sky of Alaska, are playing catch… with a walrus head! In one of your cruises to the northern lights, you are bound to find more interesting stories. You will find that each story is no less interesting as the aurora phenomenon itself. Other stories say that the northern lights come from the green torches carried by souls who travel to the afterlife. Many other stories follow the spirit theory, all with unique versions of it.

Cruises to the northern lights: learning about the scientific facts

In your travel to Alaska, you will also learn about the various scientific debate wrapped up with the aurora phenomenon. There are three running theories, in particular, that are very believable. The first concurs that the northern lights are no more complex than rainbows. Perhaps it's a theory devised by visual analysis of the seemingly obvious similarity of the colors of rainbows and Auroras. It points out light refraction as the primary cause of the phenomenon.

The second theory and third theory are more recent. One says that the phenomenon is caused by light reflection, instead of refraction, when the sunlight hits the ice. Either that or it is the third theory: radiation. In any case, you will learn many of these fun facts when you decide on taking cruises to the Northern Lights.

Cruises to the northern lights: Searching for the aurora

Note that your chances of catching the bewildering sight depend on finding the right place, in the right time. Being out on the sea, however, you will be able to see the aurora lights more easily. All this while, you can enjoy the luxurious accommodations that the cruise provides. I simply call it killing two birds with one stone!

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Cruises to the Northern Lights

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