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Arctic Cruise Northern Lights

The divine presence of heaven on Earth has proved its existence in the northern parts of Norway where the Northern Lights can be witnessed as nature’s own light show. The penchant to experience this unique existence of natural lights and around the North Pole has lead to various excursions and expeditions around Arctic city where the solar winds hit the atmosphere in a particular zone where it forms arches, waves and produce a spectacular natural light show, which can never be aped by technical advancements achieved by human beings. Considering the natural delight an opportunity to display the world, Arctic Cruise Northern Lights proposes exotic cruise excursions in and around the Arctic Circle.

When should one visit Arctic Region to see Northern Lights?

The ideal time to visit the Arctic is between the months of November and March when the sky is almost clear and transparent and the Northern lights are clearly visible. Though the Northern Lights are dependent on the Northern Lights activity, yet during this period it has been usually experienced that people who come to the Arctic region surely witness one of the most amazing and picturesque natural scenery and nature’s charisma. The Arctic city of Tromso is the best place to visit during these four winter months where Northern lights activity can be seen to the maximum.

Benefits of Arctic Cruise Northern Lights

Arctic Cruise Northern Lights has initiated a customized package for the tourists visiting Arctic city to behold the beauty of the sun arising midnight. If the weather remains clear, the Sun is visible almost twenty-four hours of the day thus causing a widespread anxiety amidst the American tourists in particular to visit Arctic region between November to February. The cruise offers a platonic voyage to the serene periphery of Arctic region where the Northern lights dance and present a beautiful image.

Spectacular Features

  • The cruise offers a well-planned itinerary covering the three majestic places of Risovrenna, Raftsund and the amazing Trillfjord islands.
  • It then moves ahead to the spectacular and breathtaking Lofoten Islands.
  • The cruise promises a delight with the brief halt at the unique Helgeland coast so that the tourists can behold the vast magnificence of the Svartisen glacier.
  • To quench the taste buds and experience a romantic gourmet dinner in Tromso comes with a pleasant surprise, as the tourists can never resist the temptation to have meal in Tromso, a dream for any American.
  • The cruise is planned as an individual unguided tour to keep the privacy and leisure of the passengers at the highest level. Promise at Arctic Cruise Northern Lights.
All the Northern light cruise assures a successful voyage. Though the Arctic cruise Northern Light depends a lot on the weather, but usually the cruise plans its trip in tandem with the weather experts and until date, it has not cancelled any planned trip. The cruise comes at a very affordable cost and with few add-ons; it can always be made specific as per your preference and plan. For any further assistance or information, you can always contact us.

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