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Northern Lights Cruise from UK

Just like there are northern lights cruises from Alaska and Norway, so are they available from UK. In fact, there are more travelers taking northern lights cruises from UK than other places. This is because of the availability of several excellent cruises departing from various ports of UK.

The northern lights are a great phenomenon to watch and what better way than from the deck of a ship, which provides an uninterrupted view of the natural wonder occurring in the dark, winter skies. Taking a cruise to witness the natural wonder of the northern lights is the best option since they take you away from the light pollution of the cities, which hamper the view of the northern lights. When the ship is far from land, you can see the northern lights more clearly in the absence of any lights obstructing the view.

Various tours of the northern lights cruise from UK

The northern lights cruises from UK offer several tour packages to view the northern lights. Aboard these light cruises from UK, you have the chance to view beautiful landscapes, rare wildlife and mesmerizing seashores. The tour of the northern lights cruise from UK begins from Kirkenes. The trip includes visiting several tourist attractions like Trondheim Gothic Cathedral, St. Olav, Tromso, the northern tip of Europe.

If the tour is a round trip, then it begins from Bergen in the south and after reaching the north, turns back and reaches Bergen once again. The southward tour of the northern lights cruise from UK enables travelers to view the delicate landscapes of the south and that of the Lofoten Islands of Norway. The south voyage of the cruise includes visiting places like Trondheim, Lofotr Viking feast and crossing the Arctic Circle.

Tips from northern lights cruises from UK

It is the dream of every individual to be on board on one of the northern lights cruises from UK. With the cruises becoming more affordable and flexible by allowing easy payments by installments, planning a trip on these cruises is not much difficult. However, there are certain aspects, which must be borne in mind when going for any of the northern lights cruises from UK. These tips are as follows:
  • Time you travel: the northern lights cruises from UK have tried to incorporate as many points of departure as they can, yet there are people who have to board these ships by flying in from other places. Therefore, the tour operators urge the travelers to book and schedule their air travel in a manner in which they can reach the departure port on time or else the ship would leave the port sans the traveler.
  • Read all documents: you are advised to read all documents prior to embarking on your journey.
  • Safeguard your luggage: it is important for you to safeguard your luggage by tagging them with your name. This is essential as it would enable you to find your luggage if it is mixed with other travelersí luggage.
  • Do not ignore the details: it always helps to take care of the details mentioned in the itinerary of the tour.

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Northern Lights Cruise from UK

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