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Cruise to See Northern Lights

If you are visiting Norway, Alaska or other countries of the region then seeing the Northern lights, a natural spectacle, should be a part of your travel itinerary. The phenomenon of the northern lights has mesmerized many and therefore, tourists from all over the world gather during the winter months to see the vivid patterns of undulating light dancing in the night skies. Hotels and lodges of the region offer special packages to tourists who come here to see the spectacular northern lights.

There are many cruises, which specifically cater to tourists, who wish to see the northern lights. Booking of these cruises can be easily done online. However, to be able to get the best deal and a cruise offering the best amenities, you must remember a few tips. These tips are as follows:
  • Research and then book: there are many websites offering different cruise packages for the northern lights. However, you must research and find the cruise lines, which offer something special on their cruises. In addition, look for deals where the cruise package charges are separate from the hotel bookings, airfares and shore excursions. This way you would be able to save a considerable amount of money.

  • Plan your trip in the off-season: the peak season to watch the northern lights clearly are the winter months. However, trying to find a good cruise deal to see the northern lights can be extremely difficult and time consuming as most of the hotels and cruises are filled. Therefore, you can plan your trip during the off-season when the cruise deals are affordable.

  • Book at the last minute: though this may sound a little weird but suggesting, to book at the last minute has a reason. The cruises when setting sail to move to the Polar Regions to enable tourists to see the northern lights would not want to travel with a few tourists. Since the operational costs are the same whether there are fifty travelers or hundred travelers, the cruise operators want their cruises to be packed to the fullest. Therefore, if not fully taken up, the cruises offer last minute discounts to lure tourists. This way if you intend to save money on booking a cruise, you can go for the last minute bookings.

  • Early booking incentives: just as the last minute booking can get you discounts, so can early bookings do. There are many cruises, which offer early booking incentives if booked three to five months in advance. Therefore, if you intend to see the northern lights, book early with a cruise, which offers such discounts.
Besides the abovementioned tips, if you intend to book an affordable cruise to see the northern lights, you may look for repositioning cruises, which are one-way cruises looking for passengers on their return journey. Other areas where you can save money when booking a cruise is to look for cruises, which offer free sailing for children, free upgrades and price cuts for passengers repeating their trip to the northern lights with the same cruise.

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Cruise to See Northern Lights

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