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Cruise Norway Northern Lights

If you are an adventure-loving person and like to follow the natural wonders of the world, then the northern lights are something not to be missed. Visible mostly above the Arctic Circle, the northern lights are varied colored ribbon-like rays appearing in the skies mostly during the winter months. Undulating patterns of varied colors fill the sky and present an awe-inspiring sight. There are both land and water based tour packages to enable one to see the northern lights. However, the cruise for northern lights is very popular and therefore, there are several operators, organizing various tours during the peak season.

The cruise Norway northern lights itinerary

The cruise Norway northern lights is a spectacular tour, which passes through some of the most remote areas of Norway in a bid to capture the rare phenomena of Aurora Borealis or northern lights. The route is designed specifically above the Arctic Circle so that the chances of seeing the northern lights are enhanced. The cruise Norway northern lights departs from Tromsø, the Arctic capital of Norway. The ship then moves northwards towards Honningsvåg, where there is an option to visit the North Cape, the most northern point of Europe. After leaving from the North Cape, the cruise sails towards the eastern region of Kirkenes. The Russian border is just ten kilometers away from Kirkenes. The travelers aboard the cruise Norway northern lights have the option to go on a city excursion where they can follow activities like snowmobiling, visit to the Russian border or experiencing the Sami life. The cruise Norway northern lights, and then takes a turn from Kirkenes and heads back to Tromso.

Different northern lights cruises

The northern lights are a sight not to be missed. Therefore, various tour operators offer different tour packages to travelers from all over the world. The departure dates, the prices and the other details of the cruises are mentioned in the brochures or individual sites of the tour operators. Here are some of the adventurous cruises of Norway northern lights:
  • Northern lights cruise and Snow hotel: the tour has duration of six nights during which you can go dog sledding and snowmobiling. The travelers spend one night each in Oslo, Tromso and Kirkenes Snow hotel, two nights on the northern lights cruise and again a night in Oslo. The city excursions, safari with dog sledding and snowmobiling are included in the tour.
  • Northern lights adventure cruise: having a seven-night itinerary, the cruise includes a stay aboard the northern lights cruise for four nights, with liberty to stay at the snow hotel. Excursions to the North Cape and Kirkenes are optional.
  • Northern Lights Cruise Trip: Again, a six-night cruise, the guests aboard the tour have the opportunity to stay on board for two nights when the ship moves from Trondheim to Tromso. The rest of the night-stays of the tour are in cities of Tromso, Trondheim and Oslo.
  • Northern lights Christmas cruise
  • Winter Cruise and Northern Lights
  • Norwegian Christmas cruise
  • Christmas Cruise Package
Besides the above-mentioned packages for northern lights, you can find many more such tours. You only need to search on the internet. With all the details of the departure dates, pricing and booking available online, finding a suitable deal is not difficult.

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Cruise Norway Northern Lights

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