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Norway Cruise Northern Lights

Norway is a popular tourist destination, not just for its beautiful churches, museums, beautiful landscapes, scenic beauty and other attractions but also for the Norway cruise northern lights. These are cruises, which embark on a journey to the northerly regions above the Arctic Circle enabling the tourists to get a spotless and uninterrupted view of the mesmerizing northern lights. These lights are a result of the refraction of the sunís rays with the molecules in the Earthís atmosphere somewhere between 50 to 200 miles above.

The northern lights appear as undulating ribbons in colors like red, green and blue, the color depending upon the gas, which is refracted by the sun. The Norway cruise for northern lights envisages on a journey deep into the sea away from the light pollution of the cities. Tourists can therefore have a memorable experience of viewing these lights while relaxing on these cruise ships.

Take a holiday to view the northern lights

Planning a trip to Norway without including a cruise to the northern lights in the itinerary is simple unthinkable. You can plan a trip to Norway during the time when the northern lights are most clearly visible over Norway, Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska and sometimes Canada. Although seen sporadically throughout the year, the northern lights are clearly visible on clear, cloudless skies in the months of March, April, September and October. Therefore, most tour operators offer various Norway Cruises for northern lights.

The tour includes not just the northern lights observation but adds city excursions on the ports of calls, where the cruise ships take daybreak. You may choose from various cruises, which may be one-way or round trips. The one-way cruise is a shorter tour lasting a couple of days while the round trip can be from nine to twelve days. You may also choose other activities like snowmobiling, safaris or visit to the snow hotel.

Services at the Norway cruise northern lights

The Norway cruises operating for northern lights provide world-class services and amenities aboard their cruise ships. One can relax and enjoy the onboard entertainment activities. Food and music are a part of the package on the Norway cruises for northern lights. The cruises have stylish interiors with spacious lounges to relax. Meals on the cruise ships are prepared by trained chefs and include world-class cuisine besides the mouth-watering local Arctic dishes. Bookings to these Norway cruises for northern lights can be made online after researching the best cruises. Many of these cruises offer early bird discounts for travelers who book the cruise three to five months in advance. Other promotional offers include last minute bookings to fill up the empty vessels, children-travel-free offers and other offers, which may save you money.

Therefore, if you are intending to visit Norway, ensure that you plan a trip when the chances to see the Aurora Borealis or the northern lights are at the peak. This way you not just enjoy a wonderful holiday in Norway but also see the spectacular wonder of the northern lights.

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Norway Cruise Northern Lights

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