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Fred Olsen Northern Lights Cruise

The recent solar storms have led to the entry of more charged particles into the Earth’s atmosphere causing the northern lights to be visible far down south to Britain as well. Usually limited to the northerly skies of the Arctic Circle, the northern lights appear due to the refraction of the molecules of the Earth’s atmosphere with the sunrays. The interception produces undulating patterns of ribbons of different colors like red, green or blue, the type of gas being the cause of the variation in color.

Taking an Arctic cruise to witness this unique phenomenon is a great idea. The cruise not only increases your chances of witnessing the northern lights but it takes you to some of the most exotic Nordic destinations.

Fred Olsen Cruises

The Fred Olsen cruise lines have been organizing various northern lights cruises from time to time. The cruises organized by Fred Olsen are usually in the summer months to enable travelers to bask in the glorious weather. However, for the first time, the Fred Olsen cruise lines have offered a winter cruise with the title In Search of the Northern Lights. The cruise would depart from Southampton then move along through towns like Trondheim and Bergen with an overnight stay in Tromso. The tour also includes viewing the Alesund’s Art Nouveau architecture, the prehistoric rock carvings of Alta and a trip to Stavanger.

The cruise would take around two weeks to culminate at the destination port, enabling tourists aboard to witness some of the most spectacular landscapes through the trip. The price of the said cruise trip is inclusive of accommodation, entertainment, sightseeing, meals and port taxes.

Various other Fred Olsen cruises

The abovementioned cruise is one of the many designed by the Fred Olsen Cruise Lines. Recently they have come up with many cruises based on different themes. In fact, they have on offer some 60 different themes, on which their cruises run at different dates. Some of these Fred Olsen northern lights cruises are:
  • The “Titanic Mini Cruise”: based on the theme Titanic, the cruise takes the travelers along all those places, which remind them of Titanic. The cruise trip includes a visit to the Wolff and Harland shipyard in Belfast, the birthplace of Titanic. It also provides an optional excursion to the home of the designer of the Titanic, Thomas Andrew. The cruise departs from Southampton and includes England, Liverpool, Ireland and Belfast in its itinerary.
  • The “Norway Winter” cruise: the best time to see the northern lights is during the winters and tapping this opportunity Fred Olsen, cruise lines have organized a Norway winter cruise. This is a 14-day cruise and departs from Southampton.
Fred Olsen northern lights cruises have always been popular with the tourists wishing to see the northern lights while visiting the spectacular destinations of Norway. Bookings on these cruises can be made online after a thorough research on the internet. You must read all the documents and pay special attention to the details mentioned in the brochures before setting sail.

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Fred Olsen Northern Lights Cruise

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