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Cruise Northern Lights From UK

Northern Lights cruise from UK is one of the best cruises sailing across the world. It offers its tourists a splendid opportunity to sail through the Arctic Circle engulfing the panoramic view of snow clad mountain peaks and ice white glaciers against the expanse of deep Blue Ocean.

The cruise Highlights.

  • The ship starts its voyage from Bergen in South
  • A visit to Trondheim Gothic Cathedral, St. Olav
  • City of Tromso, Europeís farthest city in North
  • It sails to Kirkenes in North as it final destination, from where it takes a turn.
  • It finally reaches back to Bergen, to complete its round voyage.

Interesting Sightseeing Venues along the Cruise

  • The itinerary is so well planned and executed that the passengers get the best opportunity to experience the ports both during the day and night. When the cruise is heading northward, it passes all the ports in the night, and when the ship sails south, the very same ports are seen in the broad daylight. Thus, the magnificence and beauty of all the ports on call is witnessed twice.
  • The legendary and splendid islands of Lofoten would leave you wondering at the beauty and charisma of nature. The cruise takes you to the most beautiful part of Norwegian coast when it sails across the Lofoten Islands.
  • You would also get an opportunity to come across the breathtaking flavor of Lapland. The voyage also includes an excursion into the Sami, which is the largest group in Europe.
  • Northern Lights cruise from UK passes through the mesmerizing landscape of waterfalls and frozen rivers, with scenic islands and enchanting water life.
  • You would also get to enjoy the adventure sports and come across the museums and European cultural exhibited in the galleries for the American tourists to be acquainted with the rich culture and social fabric of Europe.

Adventure along Cruise Northern Lights from UK

  • The passengers share unique experiences once they are on board the cruise. The snow hotels, reindeer ride and a wide spectrum of excursion activities make your voyage a lifetime experience.
  • The voyage is completely filled with majestic environment surrounded by fjords, mountains, flora and fauna.
  • The prices charged are very nominal and affordable and include all the meals on board along with taxes, surcharges and transfers.
  • The passengers can always request for a customized package, which is specifically tailored according to the taste, preference and budget of the tourist.
  • The cruise package varies according to the passengerís budget. Some passengers prefer to take the complete voyage, yet some other prefers to take only one-way journey. The package cost does not interfere in the level of services provided. All the passengers on board are eligible to the finest hospitality offered on a cruise. The cruise provides one of the best services in terms of accommodation, meals and sightseeing.
Therefore, if you plan an excursion to visit the worlds most charismatic and magnificent wonder in the form of Northern Lights Cruise Northern Lights from UK should be your next destination.

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Cruise Northern Lights From UK

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