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Northern Lights Cruise Alaska

Northern lights or Aurora Borealis as they are known are a natural phenomenon where the sunrays refract the molecules in the upper atmosphere of the Earth. The area of formation of these lights is some 50 to 200 miles above the Earth and the lights appear to be like undulating ribbons or curtains in different patterns and hues. The northern lights are a natural spectacle to watch and for this reason, there are tours and holiday packages designed specifically for the purpose. One can view the northern lights aboard a cruise ship from Norway or Alaska. The Aleuts are simple and friendly people who welcome tourists to enjoy the beautiful formations of these northern lights.

Packages at the Northern Lights Cruise Alaska

Alaska is a great land where tourists flock to have an enthralling experience of the northern lights. Cashing on this fever, there are several cruise ship operators, who offer special northern lights cruise packages. The cruise packages can be a one-way or round trip affair. To board for the cruise, whether a round trip or a one-way trip, you would have to go to Seattle or Vancouver. The cruise trips can be for a week or a shorter duration and depends on your preference. While aboard a northern lights cruise, you can visit places like the Gulf of Alaska, the Prince William Sound, the Bering Sea and other places of historic importance. The cruise trip also enables you to see the wildlife of Alaska.

Services on the Northern Lights Cruises Alaska

The northern lights cruises of Alaska are a great way to view the natural spectacle of northern lights. These cruises offer on board entertainment and various activities for the entertainment and convenience of the travelers. This enables the tourists to leave behind their vehicles and enjoy the view of the northern lights. There are no separate bills for meals or other amenities as the package charges are inclusive of these. The cruise ships have trained and professional crew who look after the guests and cater to all their needs. Travelers can also pursue various activities on the several ports of calls like the Sitka, Homer, Juneau, Anchorage, Ketchikan, Skagway, Wrangell, Valdez, Whittier, Petersburg and Haines. Many of these places have museums and other places of tourist interest.

Some of the Northern Lights Cruises Alaska

The availability of various northern lights cruises Alaska has made the task of choosing a preferred cruise, easier. Different cruises offer different tour packages and destinations. Therefore, a tourist has ample choice to choose from amongst the best northern lights cruises Alaska, according to his budget and preference. Some of the popular and famous northern lights cruises Alaska are Kenai fjords tours, Royal Caribbean Tours, Alaska tour and several others. What makes the viewing of the northern lights aboard these cruise ships amazing is that they take you away from the dazzling lights of the cities into the sea from where you can watch the uninterrupted display of the natural phenomena, the northern lights.

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Northern Lights Cruise Alaska

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