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Cruise to the Northern Lights

The northern lights or the Aurora Borealis as they are officially known are a spectacle to watch. The name Aurora Borealis means God of the north wind and goddess of the dawn and this is a natural phenomenon occurring around the northern hemisphere. The explanation for the phenomenon is that solar winds flowing across the upper atmosphere of the Earth some 50 to 200 miles above, hit molecules of gas, which result in lighting up of the sky like a neon sign. The northern lights occur as rising and falling ribbons of light and one can compare them as green, orange, yellow or red dancing curtains of light. The phenomenon is however still a subject of research among physicists and research professors.

Experience the Northern lights

For the tourists travelling to Norway, the Northern Lights are a phenomenon not to be missed. For this reason, there are several luxury cruises, which operate around Norway offering tourist a luxurious stay and a spectacular view of the Aurora Borealis. Holidays aboard any of these luxury cruises is a dream for many and those who can afford the holidays, vouch for the comfort and care taken aboard these luxury cruises. There is not a better way to view the Northern Lights. In addition, every aspect of one’s holiday aboard the luxury cruise is taken care of by the efficient and diligent staff at these cruises.

Get the Best on the Cruises to the Northern Lights

The cruises to the Northern Lights are the best way to view the natural spectacle. The special cruise ships arrange various cruises ranging from a couple of weeks to one or two nights. One can choose from any of these according to the time and budget suited. Since the cruise ships take you far away from the cities, you are able to watch the vivid ribbons of lights more clearly and without any interruptions. The crew at the cruise ships are professionals, who look after you and take great care of you while aboard the ship. There are experts and information centres on board who can give a detailed description of the phenomena of northern lights. You can even pursue certain ground-based activities while there are port calls. These activities include dog sledding, exploring the city, and tantalizing the taste buds with traditional Norwegian cuisine. Therefore, the cruises to the Northern Lights ensure a relaxing and adventurous holiday.

Some cruises to the Northern Lights

The popularity of viewing the Northern Lights aboard the luxury cruises has given birth to several cruise ships arranging voyages for tourists to watch the spectacle of northern lights. Some of these cruises around Norway are as follows:
  • Northern lights Tromso City Break: the cruise is for four days, which enables one to view the Northern Lights over Tromso, a charming city, which is also called the Capital of the North. While one can watch the northern lights aboard the cruise, there are several ground-based activities and places to visit in Tromso.
  • Nordlys Northern Lights Cruise: a five-day cruise, it starts from Tromso, goes up to Kirkenes and then returns to Tromso.
  • Arctic Highlights: this again is a five-day cruise, which starts and ends at Tromso. One can take the cruise for a lifetime experience of the Northern Lights.
  • Northern lights Astronomy Voyage
  • New Year Special Itinerary
  • Northern Lights cruise – Arctic wonders Voyage

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Cruise to the Northern Lights

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