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Northern Light Cruise

If you are a person who loves adventure and the outdoors then cruising to the northern hemisphere and specifically Alaska, would be a never-to-be-forgotten experience for you. Besides the various activities that you can pursue once you reach Alaska, the one thing that would mesmerize you is the northern lights or the Aurora Borealis. Deriving the name from the Goddess of Dawn, the Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomena occurring in the night skies of the polar regions of the Earth. The naturally occurring lights are a result of the sunrays refracting the molecules in the air, the color of the lights depending upon the gas, which the sunrays intercept.

View the northern lights on the cruises

The northern lights cruises are unique in the sense that they are cruises where people are not moving towards places to sunbathe but are moving towards areas, which are colder and harsher. However, since the northern lights are unique phenomena in it self, people do not mind moving towards the winter but enjoy the spectacle while aboard luxury cruise ships, which take them away from the hustle-bustle and dazzling lights of the cities to provide an uninterrupted view of the vivid patterns, hues and colors of the northern lights. The northern lights cruises are a great place to be as they offer all amenities and entertainment aboard. Having exquisite lounges with leather seats and music, the northern lights cruises offer an uninterrupted view of the vivid display of colors. The cruises have professional and trained staff to take care of their guests onboard. Specially trained chefs prepare meals on board and the tourists can enjoy the various arctic dishes while viewing the great spectacle of the northern lights.

Variety of northern lights cruises

The popularity of the northern lights and the wonderful experience onboard the cruise ships have increased the demand for the cruise liners. Several operators offer northern lights cruises during the months of March, April, September and October when these lights are most clearly visible. During these months, the cruise operators offer special northern lights packages, which include the trip to the Polar Regions to view the northern lights, meals, activities onboard and visits to the port of calls. The cruise trip to see the northern lights is usually for five to six days but can extend beyond that as well. One can find various packages out of which he may choose the one suiting his budget and preference. The northern lights cruises sail from various cities of Alaska and Norway, therefore one can get the bookings done from the place most suitable to him. Besides offering a vivid display of the northern lights, the cruises also offer various activities while the guests are onboard. The tourists can even pursue certain activities when their cruise ships anchor at the various ports en route to the northern hemisphere.

The northern lights cruises are therefore a wonderful experience and they let you view the northern lights clearly, away from the lights and hustle-bustle of the towns and cities. In addition, the cruises are not just a way to view the northern lights but they are a romantic getaway from the usual din of the routine life.

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Northern Light Cruise

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