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Northern Lights Cruise from Hull

Northern Lights Cruise from Hull is a magnificent fourteen days planned voyage, which starts its journey with an optimistic search of the marvelous spectacle of the Northern Lights in the regions in and around the Arctic City. The cruises sails through an extremely enchanting coastline, which gradually reveals the treasures of Molde, Tromso and even encounter the spectacular Svartisen glacier.

The cruise holiday comes with an added flavour of unfolding adventure with the dawn of each day. Those who are simply passionate about nature and love sightseeing with a glimpse of adventure, these cruise holidays form a perfect choice. If you have always admired to spend your holidays, which you have yearned for years, to be memorable and precious for the rest of your life, then a trip on Northern Lights Cruise from Hull would surely be a dream comes true.

Itinerary of Northern Lights Cruise from Hull

The cruise has been very successful and has received lots of appreciation from earlier tourists specially the American tourists for its well-planned and executed itinerary. The entire voyage can be experienced as follows:
  • First Day: The cruise begins its journey from Hull at UK 1700 hours.
  • Third Day: The cruise reaches Molde in Norway.
  • Fourth Day: The cruise halts at Svartisen Glacier for its panoramic view.
  • Fifth Day: The cruise sails to reach the Svolvaer in Norway.
  • Sixth Day: It then reaches Narvik in Norway.
  • Seventh Day: From Narvik it sails to Tromso in Norway.
  • Eighth Day: The cruise reaches Alta and halts for two nights.
  • Eleventh Day: From Alta it sails again in Norwegian waters and reach Alesund.
  • Twelfth Day: On day 12, it reaches Bergen in Norway and halts for a night.
  • Last Day: On the last leg of its journey, it reaches Hull at UK 1900 hours.

The benefits included in the price.

Northern Lights Cruise from Hull is comparatively a very affordable and value added voyage. It has been specifically priced at affordable cost so that majority of Americans can experience the magnificence and novelty of the cruise holidays. The entire package offered for the fourteen days voyage includes:
  • The passengers can select the cabin of their choice. There are no forced allotments.
  • The thirteen-night accommodation is in the cabin of your choice.
  • The package includes morning breakfast, luncheon and dinner.
  • To make the afternoon and evenings pleasant and interesting the cruise also offers afternoon tea and midnight snacks.
  • All holidays are marked and expected to be completely entertaining and delightful. The cruise management duly arranges on-board entertainment for the merriment and joy of its passengers.
  • The cruise assures calls on all the ports as described in the itinerary.
  • The crew is specifically trained and instructed to be polite and courteous. You will experience a very professional and friendly crew and staff with standard services and crisp efficiency.
If you plan to visit Norway and get an opportunity to behold the magic and charisma of Northern Lights, then a voyage with Northern Lights Cruise from Hull will surely be one of the most memorable holidays for you.

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Northern Lights Cruise from Hull

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