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Northern Lights cruises Burlington

Burlington is a favorite port for cruise lovers in the USA. Situated in Vermont, the Burlington coastline serves as a boarding port for
cruise ships headed for the Northern Lights. It is the cheapest and most scenic way out of the United States to the Northern lights. The scenery and the cool breeze that gets colder and icier as the cruise ships edge closer to the northern hemisphere make the cruise an unforgettable experience. There are some people who fall in love with the cruise to the northern lights and they make it an annual event where they go to watch the Aurora Borealis. In Burlington, cruises to go and watch the polar lights are the most common since almost all Americans who visit the arctic use this route.

In Burlington, you can easily get equipment that you will need when you are in the northern hemisphere. These include ice skates, furred warm coats, gloves and tips on how to keep warm while on the northern lights voyage. Most ships leave the port at night so that by morning, they have managed to cover most of the coastline stretch. The early morning scenery that greets you while on the cruise is either a snow covered coastline or snowcapped ice. Icebergs too are common scenery on your way to the polar lights from Burlington.

In the older days, immigrants from Finland, Greenland, Norway and Iceland used to hitch rides on the cruise ships from Burlington to the northern lights and they would go to America
on the ships. These days security is tighter and the cruise ships are well manned. This ensures that the tourists enjoy the scenery and the polar lights trips without disturbance or worries of being unsafe. Burlington is the healthiest city in the USA according to the country's health records. This shows that although there is great traffic on the port as people move to and from the northern lights, health care precautions are taken like screening of any suspected diseases and good healthy habits are maintained.

The cost of travelling on a cruise ship from Burlington to the northern lights ranges between $1200 and $1500 inclusive of food and accommodation. This is a very good deal since it is affordable and the tourists get to travel in style. People visit Burlington from distant places like China and Japan so that they can board the cruise ships to the northern lights. The fame that Burlington has acquired from the cruise ship business has spread far and wide and the more the number of people who visit, the more it gets known.

Burlington too offers some entertainment as tourists wait to board the cruise ships. There are acrobats and dancers who entertain the crowds. These are very funny and they attract the attention of many children and the adults who have a soft spot for funny entertainment. With the Vermont County taking care of the Burlington port and owning a number of cheaper cruise ships, Burlington remains the favorite cruise ship boarding point in USA.

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Northern Lights cruises Burlington

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