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Northern Lights cruises Iceland

Iceland is a land that has 50% of its dry land covered with ice as the name suggests. A brief history of the land states that the land
was formed after eruptions from the ground emitted lava that later dried up to form land. This is true because there is some part of Iceland that still has fresh lava fields. Some people nickname Iceland as “nature's meeting venue”. This is because of the bizarre features that Iceland bears like the lava fields as well as the ice covered fields. Lava is known to erupt from very high temperatures below the earth while ice formation is catalyzed by very cold temperatures. Meeting the two in one phenomenon creates a wondrous feature.

On the ways to the land of the polar lights that are named aurora borealis, the cruise ships pass by the shores of Iceland at times while negotiating in the sea to avoid bumping into the icebergs that are a common feature in Iceland. There are many adventurous activities that one can engage in while in Iceland. For the driving fanatics, there is no experience that equals driving on the open lava-fields whiles watching the yellow and brown earth. Since the land is flat with rocks on the road, the drive is fast and bumpy which is in itself an adventure. There are self drive jeeps for hire and maps so that one can enjoy themselves privately.

While aboard a cruise ship on the way to the northern lights, it is possible to view the aurora borealis from afar. A close look at the horizon at dusk shows a green outline with an
outer red ring with the shape of light rays piercing the sky at the horizon. There is a famous blue lagoon in Iceland at a place called Reykjavik. This is a favorite holiday destination for most people across Europe. Iceland is placed strategically adjacent to the equinox of the northern hemisphere and due to this reason, tourists who are en route to the northern lights make stop over to Iceland to enjoy some sun since as they edge further up the northern hemisphere, the sun disappears.

It is only in Iceland that one gets to view the oldest parliament in the world. There are also national parks with great scenery like the Skaftafell that houses the biggest glacier in Iceland which is called the Vatnajokull. On the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland, the polar lights are visible as well as the Jokulsarlon lagoon. At the center of Reykjavik city, there is a lake and it also hosts the Hallgrinskirkjs church which has a special design that one would think they are in wonderland.

In Iceland, there are mountains, hot water pools, geysers, fjords, glaciers and active volcanoes. There are great waterfalls too and the biggest volcanic sand desert in Europe is also found in Iceland. For the scenery lovers, Iceland is a site to behold but for those who fall in love with scenery, Iceland is the destination for the next relocation.

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Northern Lights cruises Iceland

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