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Northern Lights cruises Norway

Norway is famous for its scenic coastline and being the port where all cruise ships headed to the northern lights dock; it has grown size to accommodate the tourist needs. At Bergen there are daily Cruise ships that take tourists into the land of the Aurora which is an amazing site at the arctic. The cruise moves along the Norwegian coastline that is endowed with snow covered coniferous woods that are uniformly arranged from the shortest to the tallest in the background. Scenery fanatics take thousands of photos of the Norwegian coastline on their way to the northern lights. Being the most developed country in the Northern hemisphere it receives a high turnover of tourists every year, most of whom are travelers to the Northern Lights.

The moment the plane lands in Bergen, you can take a walk around Bryggen Wharf. Bergen is located in Fjord district that harbors most of the coastline. The cruise ships to the northern lights leave Bergen in the early morning and head for Torvik passing through the Stadthavet. The Norwegian fjords border Greenland northwards and from that side the icebergs out in the sea are clearly visible; turquoise in color. The sun never sets in Norway and people have to draw curtains if they want to sleep. The polar bears hunt at midnight as the sun shines, showing the predatory bears chasing their prey at great speed.

A short distance into the sea from Norway, monolithic glaciers are seen from far with seals lying on the floes. They do not fear people and one can go close to the seal and pose for a photo. There are whales and for the brave aquatic fanatics, they can dive into the sea and watch the whales at a distance. The seabirds on the Norwegian coastline are an amazing site. It is amazing to be in a ship while it negotiates in between the ice shore and the ice in the sea. The ships are a superb view point to view both the coastline and the sea from an inclined angle.

In Norway, one gets to spend a night in an igloo on their way to the northern lights. The igloos are amazingly warm although their floor and walls are made of ice. The Eskimos insulate the walls of the igloos with the thick furred bear skins and these skins ensure that the heat energy is stored in the igloo. On the way to the Aurora Borealis, you get to celebrate the National Sami day which holds great importance to the culture of the Norwegians. Norway also has snow hotels where every room is made of ice. From Tromso, one heads to the Kirkenes and you can check into the Kirkenes snow hotel with a snow bar and lounge as well as snow beds. The trip from Kirkenes is followed by a visit to the North Cape where the polar bears control the territory. There are activities like dog sledging and scooting as well as seal hunting and fishing for salmons.

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Northern Lights cruises Norway

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