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Northern Lights cruises from Southampton

The best place to see the northern light is off the northern Norway coast. This area is within the arctic territory.
ou can easily find cruise ships that connect Southampton with Norway. It would be a great idea to move from Southampton to Copenhagen and then to Norway. The best time for this type of cruise is between November and March. You can also choose to use a different route that will take you to Southern Greenland. It should also be easy for someone to move from Southampton to Alaska, Siberia or northern regions of Canada. Since some of these places are very far away from Southampton, you might have to plan a long holiday in order to be able to experience real fun and adventure.

Norway remains the most attractive travel destination for anyone in Southampton who wants to cruise into the arctic region in order to sample what marvels underlie these lights. The reason is simply that the northern coast of Norway remains free of snow throughout the winter season. You need to choose a smart vessel in order to have the best cruising experience. The best thing is to sail from a UK port with a three-day cruise plan. This will be less expensive for you. The first stopover should be Tromso which is about 200 miles to the north of the Arctic Circle. It is interesting to note that this gives the opportunity to sail past the majestic Lofoten and Vesteralen Islands.

The next stop should be the medieval Trondheim. You should be ready to part with 566 pounds, including flight charges then move from Stansted through to Tromso. You will also have to be in the vessel for half the nights for the entire three-day period of the cruise. This might require you to spend quite a lot of money. In order to get into a big time clash with the Borealis, you need to cruise for five days. Within this duration, you will have moved from Tromso to Kirkenes. The journey back to Tromso should also be very thrilling. It would be a great idea if you travelled in the company of someone who is knowledgeable in matters of cruises to these regions.

The information that will give more meaning to your cruise relates to astronomy, arctic skies, and most importantly, various explanations that have been brought forth relating to the Borealis phenomenon. It should be interesting to see patterns colored in green, crimson and yellow forming all over the sky and illuminating even the deck of the cruise vessel. Since you are not here in the arctic in order to enjoy the luxury items on offer, you need to sail on a working vessel where you will not be pampered all the time at the expense of going out in order to experience adventure. Remember that it gets very cold on the deck. You might have to avoid dog sledding as well except when you are viewing the Borealis.

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Northern Lights cruises from Southampton

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