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Best place to see Northern Lights

The northern lights are a spectacular phenomenon of nature which offers an impressive aurora display. The aurora borealis occur
when the particles of the solar wind clash with air molecules in the earth atmosphere and turn their energy into light. The amazing phenomenon will in most cases leave a mark if witnessed in person as opposed to seeing pictures which will not enable you to experience the special moments. There are several places that offer superb chances of witnessing the northern lights but all is dependent on the time of the year, weather and environmental factors.

Arguably Norway, Canada and Iceland are the most excellent choices in the world for you to see the Northern lights. The darkest months of November all the way to March offer amazing displays of the Northern Lights. However, displays can still be seen in mid April and late August. The town of Tromso in Northern Norway provides a great view for the Northern lights. The town which is located 300km inside the Arctic Circle gives the much needed view of the aurora borealis between 6pm and 1am especially during the month of January.

During this time, Tromso is for the better part engulfed in a thick cloud of darkness as the sun does not break the horizon. Most people gather in the town to witness the unforgettable scene dubbed the northern lights festival which coincides with celebrations to mark the dawn of a new year in January. In Canada, the display is magnificent and hundreds of people mill around the north of Lake Superior to catch a glimpse of the lights. And just like Tromso, the weather in Canada during this time is extremely cold and snowy and it is always advisable that visitors get support from tour operators.

The city of Reykjavik in Iceland also offers an awesome display of the northern lights. However, the displays are not very clear within the city due to the level of street lighting which affects the view. But still, spectacular displays are available in areas neighboring the city. Notably, Iceland is centrally located in one of the most active areas of the Aurora Ovals where the Northern lights are formed. Other areas where the Northern lights provide striking and dramatic displays include Sweden, Finland, Lapland and Alaska. The fantastic displays can however be hampered by phases of the moon. A full moon usually has far reaching implications on the spectacular displays and will in most cases detract the display. Nevertheless, the emergence of a new moon allows a fantastic display with the northern lights projecting at their best.

The striking displays vary in intensity and will either project a glowing curtain of greenish yellow lights or offer a multi-colored fusion that engulfs the sky. A clear sky will always guarantee intense sights. But areas adorned with artificial lighting can distort the clear view. For anyone who would want to capture the natural phenomenon, it is highly recommended that they use a digital camera with a wide angle lens.

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Best place to see Northern Lights

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