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Northern Lights cruises Finland

Finland Northern lights are the main attraction for visitors who throng into the country every year. The northern region is the best
place for one to see the lights. Lapland region attracts many people by virtue of its location to the north of this Scandinavian country. Lapland is located within the region of the world which is referred to as the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle is the earth's northern extreme and has polar type of climate.

Getting here entails first going through an exciting cruising experience in the country's Baltic waters. The peak season of sighting these lights is always between February and March and again between September and October. These lights can at first frighten you. Shades of green, blue and red swirl in a very interesting pattern. There are many other colors appear but not as often as green, red and blue. You have to wait until it is pitch dark and the skies are clear in order to see these lights.

It is very difficult to see the northern lights while you are in Helsinki. This is because it is not easy to find areas which are dimly lit while you are in this city. The 200 nightly occurrences that are witnessed in Lapland are visible only because there are no city lamps here. Many people are convinced that solar flares are responsible for these lights. The people describe these lights as solar storms and winds, resulting in atmospheric particles that linger over Polar Regions, leading to formation of these beautifully colored lights.

All a scientist needs to do in order to predict northern lights accurately is monitor the behavior of solar flares in Finland. The best place to do this is the Kilpisjarvi area which is not far from Lapland. In this area, the best time to see lights is between 9pm and 11pm. However, the time frame for sighting the lights is not very strictly restricted to this time frame.

They Gulf of Bothnia is one of the best places where your cruise can start. From here, you can get some snowball ride experiences across large tracts of wild tundra. Santa Claus Village is also worth visiting. This place is situated near Rovaniemi. Here, snowmobile safaris are the most popular activities that you can engage in. The cruises that will take you to Lapland are very easy to arrange. These cruises should be planned to take place after sunset. While waiting for the Northern lights to appear, you might take that opportunity to learn from tour guides what they are and the most common patterns.

During such times, campfires are often lit and steaming coffee served. In case the tours and cruises are of a multi-day variety, one should expect them to be all-inclusive. This means that expenses relating to transportation, accommodation and meals they are always planned for in one package. Finland is defined by water as much as by snow and polar climate. Therefore, you should expect to get a good cruise vessel that takes you to your favorite holiday destinations within the country.

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Northern Lights cruises Finland

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