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Northern Lights cruises cost

The Northern Lights cruises are known for the uncommon scenery that one experiences on their way there. The costs involved are mainly
transport and accommodation depending on the route that you choose. A good idea would be to go by plane up to Norway and then get a cruise ship to the arctic. This is a common mode of transport and since many people use it, there are many cruise ships and therefore the prices are fair due to the competition from the shipping companies. A direct trip to the arctic will cost an average of 1000 depending on whether it is high or low season in which the prices varies by an average of 50 to 100.

For those who would like to go on other excursions like the dog sledging and scooting trips, the costs are increased by 100 per activity. These prices are reasonable and affordable and due to this reason, most of the middle-class people in many countries prefer cruising to the northern lights for their short holidays and honeymoons. The famous ice hotel on the way to the northern lights is called the Kirkenes snow hotel and its charges never go beyond 500. Average accommodation and food ranges between 200 and 250 while the special services like room service and special wines are charged separately. The entire bar is ice-made and every other room is also made with ice. Their delicious menu mostly has fish like salmon.

You might decide to hire a guide and a scooter for a visit to the ice deserts and also into the ice covered coniferous woods. The tour guide charges 150 per group while the scooter
hire will cost 50. Hiring a sledge with the dogs is 85 to 100 depending on the pack and the distance covered. A tour to the city of Trondheim to view the magnificent designs of the Gothic buildings is absolutely free. There are guides who take people on seal hunting adventures and they sell the seal skins as well as the seal delicacies. These are not expensive and the adventure might cost 100.

The best thing about northern light cruises is that there are no sunny beaches like in Miami or Hawaii where spending is the order of the day. People do not buy warm clothes since they travel with them while food is affordable and at times free. This happens when people decide to fish and prepare their meals. Cruise ships too offer their prices inclusive of food. People in the northern hemisphere charge reasonably and most of the scenery is free. This reduces the spending levels and also favors a tourist's budget. The costs that one incurs in the arctic compared to the fun and the scenery that they enjoy shows that the satisfaction was gained for very little. Most of the activities that one indulges in at the Arctic cost between 100 and 200 and the entire voyage to the northern lights might cost less than 1000 depending on how long one takes and the activities they indulge in.

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Northern Lights cruises cost

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