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Northern Lights cruises UK

The Northern lights cruise of the UK offers a great opportunity to sail across the Arctic Circle as you watch the landscapes
change into the cooler climate. A voyage northwards will include a wholesome package where passengers are treated to exciting excursions from the Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north. The tour has numerous highlights such as visiting Trondheim Gothic Cathedral, St. Olav, which was the final resting place of the founder of that city and Tromso which gives you the opportunity to experience Europe’s most northerly point. A final destination will be at the Kirkenes where the voyage makes a turning point.

There is the round voyage that embarks its journey from Bergen in the south all the way north and back. All ports that are passed at night on your way northward will still be seen in the daylight when you get back south. This means that there is no wastage of opportunity as you are able to share both worlds of day and night hence increased chances of seeing the northern lights. There are so many excursions offered for passengers.

With the south voyage, passengers have the opportunity of sailing on the gentle landscapes of the south via a legendary Lofoten Islands. This is regarded as one of the most beautiful parts on the Norwegian coast. The cruise embarks southwards from Kirkenes which is near the Russian border passing 34 ports on its way. What makes this voyage unique is the opportunity to sail during the day. Excursions include Lofotr Viking feast and the medieval city of Trondheim. Also crossing the Arctic Circle is a major highlight of this cruise.

There is a voyage extension into the Sami inspiration which gives passengers an experience of flavor and magic of Lapland. This is facilitated through a combination of a voyage with a trip to northern Finland making it a very fascinating trip. The Sami is one of the largest yet indigenous groups in Europe. The cruise sails through landscapes of frozen waterfalls and river of which stun the passengers and passes the Sami Bridge connecting Norway with Finland. Some of the places to visit include the museums which have exhibits of the cultural and environment diversity of the group highlighted.

The voyage to the Kirkenes snow hotel offers passengers unique experiences filled with friendly reindeer's and happy huskies at the same time enjoy a wide range of excursion activities. It does not matter how long your trip takes there is an equal opportunity for all passengers to experience the magical attributes the northern lights brings such as scenery, fjords, mountains and the flora and fauna. Despite the prices varying, there are standard offers such as return flights inclusive of all current taxes and surcharges, voyages on half board basis, hotel transfers, meals and excursions depending on the description of each given itinerary. Depending on the voyage selected, there will be a variance, of number of days as some tend have more days of tour as compared to others.

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Northern Lights cruises UK

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