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Northern Lights cruises Scotland

Most cruises that are operated in Scotland typically involve adventures into different islands. The ancient traditions of the people who
live in these islands are very captivating. The beautiful seas are worth venturing into, as one heads further into the arctic regions where it is easy to see the northern lights. The timeless landscapes and northern lights that Scotland offers are simply magnificent.

Majority of people who live in Scotland prefer to go to Norway in order to see the northern lights. There are many ships that cruise between these two destinations. It should not be difficult to trace the best locations for viewing the northern light once you arrive in the northern extreme of the Arctic Circle. There are many guides aboard vessels who offer insightful information on these cruises.

The cruise from Scotland to the northern coast of Norway should be well planned in order to ensure that you arrive at the viewing locations on time so that you do not miss any the main light. The choice of ports where you will deck depends on the destination of the cruise vessel. As you will notice, some of the ports are occupied by only a few hundred people. The vessel might seem a very unique mode of transport that takes you to places on earth you thought never existed.

It is not possible to mention Scotland and the northern lights without a mention of the John Lennon Northern Lights Festival which takes place annually in Dourness. Dourness is a magnificent village that saves you the trouble of having to go all the way to Norway in order to sight the Northern Lights. This village is to the north western extreme of mainland Britain.

The experience of watching the northern lights should be an exciting one especially when it coincides to a festival that is names after a former The Beatles musician. Taste and respect are the core values that underlie this festival.

This festival takes place towards the end of September and contains acts, performances presentations and plays by artists who are popular the world over. When good timing of the northern lights viewing positions coincides with proper planning of the performances, the experience is just spectacular. You will see them best in dark nights. However, their sighting cannot be guaranteed since this is a purely natural phenomenon which no human being can control.

The farthest point to the north of Scotland shares the same latitude with Moscow. For this reason, a person in Moscow in need of a taste of Scotland's dimension of the northern lights will have no problem with sudden climactic changes. Furthermore, Scotland is easier to access than both Norway and Alaska.

A cruise to Scotland promises to be a good one since in the northern villages there are no street lamps to interfere with your view of the northern lights. The colors that will amaze you are red, green, yellow, violet and blue. The violet steamers, rays, arcs and color combinations are simply mysterious.

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Northern Lights cruises Scotland

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