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Aurora Borealis cruises

Aurora Borealis are also referred to as northern lights. They are very famous attractions that attract people from all over the world.
One needs to plan a cruise very carefully in order to be able to see them. They are only seen in the arctic areas when the nights are completely dark. The cruises that are operated in areas where Aurora Borealis can be seen are often well planned in order to avoid disappointing the people taking the voyage. There are many tales that makes the cruises worth taking. The Eskimos are the ones who gave the lights the term 'Aurora borealis', which also refers to a goddess of dawn. Some people believe that the lights come from torches being used by people who are going into the afterlife.

On a scientific platform, the light is believed to come from the sunlight that gets reflected from polar ice and snow or alternatively, through refraction similar to what causes rainbows. Recent research suggests that this light is a result of radiation coming from atoms that are in the upper atmosphere. The color that you can see during the cruise is determined by the type of atom being emitted.

An aurora borealis cruise will give you new meaning as soon as you get a first-hand experience of the manner in which these colored ribbons of light dance in the sky. The visual patterns are simply amazing to watch. The patterns are too intricate for even the most talented painter to draw. Many people consider a cruise to the aurora borealis a meeting with one of the greatest marvels of nature. Aurora borealis tours should be a part of your holiday since you also need to move around in order to appreciate these northern lights. Such a cruise requires you to be in the company of the best guide who will show you the best location and the best time to be there in order to see them.

Setting up a theme for the aurora borealis tour is a very interesting thing to do. Winter sports and photography are the most common themes. Whatever the theme of your cruise, you need to be prepared for a truly exciting experience. The best viewing experiences are at Fairbanks. You can even move further north in order to get a better glimpse of what this intriguing phenomenon looks like. The further north the cruise ship takes you, the better the view. This should not worry you as long the conditions in the cruise ship are of the four star hotel variety.

When planning for winter cruises to these areas, you need to be prepared for a real adventure. Dalton Highway is one of the places which will thrill you even before you have arrived at Fairbanks. Once you start moving towards the north of Fairbanks, you should be able to see the aurora borealis from certain locations, at certain times. Prudhoe Bay is an ideal place for you to perform various winter sporting activities and arrange parties, events and buffets.

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Aurora Borealis cruises

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